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Terms & Conditions

This travel contract is regulated by the present general conditions and by the clauses in written communications sent to the customer by Iopitour Tour Operator. Furthermore it is regulated by the Legislative Decree n° 111 of March 1995 for application of the ECC directive n° 90/314 and by the International Convention for the travel contracts (C.C.V.) ratified with the law n° 1084 of 27.12.1997. In no case responsibility of Iopitour Tour Operator will exceed the limits stated by the above mentioned laws.

Iopitour bookings are limited and are subject to availability. They are considered accepted and the contract consequently concluded after confirmation sent by fax or e-mail by Iopitour Tour Operator to the customer. Possible further indications regarding the travel requested not contained in the contract or in the brochure will be given by Iopitour Tour Operator in good time before the journey beginning in compliance with the obligations stated by Legislative Decree 111/95.

In accordance of the art 36 D.Lgs 79/2011, upon the act of accepting the Booking, the consumer will foresee to the provision of payment of 25% of the total amount as down payment of the purchased vacation package. The balance will be successively paid on the basis of the date of the Booking and however within 30 days prior to the departure date. Specifically: For Bookings made less than 30 days and up to 7 days before the departure date, the balance must be fully paid for by the first working day after the date of the same Booking. For bookings less than 7 days from the departure date the balance must be fully paid by the same day as the Booking. The calculation of the days is referred to calendar days. The lack of PAYMENT of the amounts defined as above within the established dates constitutes a termination clause expressed in such a way as to determine, by Iopitour, the termination of the right to the Contract with the application of a penalty quantified as indicated in paragraph Cancellation Penalty.

Art. 4 & 16 PRICES
PRICES ARE quoted in EURO, include the value added tax (VAT) at the current rate. Prices do not include any personal expenses or additional fees such as telephone calls, items for the mini-bar, tips and whatever is not mentioned under the voice “The price includes”. According to the above mentioned laws Iopitour tour Operator reserves the right to alter prices only in case of changes justified by variations in:
a) transports costs (fuel, foreign correspondent services, air travel costs)
b) rights and taxes such as landing taxes, embarkation and disembarkation taxes in airports and ports
c) exchange rates
In no case the price can be increased in the 20 days preceding the expected journey departure date.

A) Without penalties
According to the above mentioned laws, the traveler may withdraw from the contract, without paying penalties, if following circumstances occur:
a) if the price increase indicated in the prior point 5. exceeds 10%
b) if a significant change occurs to some other essential element of the contract proposed by Iopitour Tour Operator after the conclusion of the contract but before departure and are not accepted by the traveler
c) if it is impossible to take part in the journey due to some serious defect attributable to Iopitour Tour Operator.
In the above mentioned cases, the traveler will have the right:
a) to take part in another travel package of an equivalent cost or, if not available, higher cost or lower cost; in this latter case the price difference will be refund
b) to the refund of that part of the cost already paid, which will be given back within 7 working days after Iopitour Tour Operator have received the refund request.
c) to accept the modification
Customers are required to give written communication of no acceptance within two working days from receipt of modification or increase notification: should that message not reach Iopitour Tour Operator offices in due time, the proposal will be understood as accepted.

B) Withdrawal with penalties
Should you need to cancel his booked tour before departure and not for any of the reasons mentions above, he will be charged the registration fee together with the following fees, which will be applied after we receive your written cancellation notice:
-cancellations from 59 to 30 working days before departure date: 10% of the total amount
-cancellations from 29 to 15 working days before departure date: 30% of the total amount
-cancellations from 14 to 9 working days before departure date: 50% of the total amount
-cancellations from 8 to 4 working days before departure date: 75% of the total amount
-cancellations after the above term: 100% of the total amount - this penalty is valuable also for receding after the travel has started (unused services will not be refund), in case of not appearance/no show of the client at departure and in case the required documents for expatriation are lacking or invalid.
The above mentioned cancellation conditions will be applied also in case of tour or departure date changing and to additional accommodations reserved prior to and after the tour.

In accordance of art 39 of the D.lgs 79/2011, the CLIENT can relinquish his/her part to a third party on the condition that:
a) Iopitour Tour Operator is informed of such in writing at least 4 working days prior to the fixed date of the beginning of the period of residency, receiving contextually communication regarding the personal information of the assignee,
b) the replacement satisfies all the conditions in order to use the Service and in particular the necessary prerequisites concerning the passport, visa, health certificates.
In any case a variation cost amounting to 50 euro will be applied for the change of name of the Client occurring at least 4 working days prior to the fixed departure date. Assignor and Assignee are jointly liable and obliged towards Iopitour Tour Operator the PAYMENT of the PRICE and of the extra expenses deriving from the transfer. Iopitour Tour Operator warns that, for some types of services, it could happen that a third party supplier of services does not accept the modification of the name of the Assignee, even if it has been carried out within the terms described under previous point a).
Iopitour Tour Operator therefore will not be held responsible for the eventual lack of acceptance of the modification on behalf of third party suppliers of services. Such lack of acceptance will be promptly communicated to the Organizer of the interested parties as soon as they have been informed by the supplier.

If the holiday is brought to an end before the foreseen date for personal reasons, no refund is due, unless our suppliers are able to give us back part of the amount paid.

In accordance of art. 41 2° comma of the D.lgs 79/2011, if after the departure, Iopitour Tour operator is found to be in impossibility of being able to supply, for whatever reason apart from it being a fact depending on the Tourist, a part essential to the services conceived under the Contract, alternative solutions must be made available, without any supplement to the PRICE charged to the Contractor.
Should there not be any other alternative solution possible, or should the solution made available by Iopitour Tour Operator be refused by the CLIENT for serious and justifiable reasons, Iopitour Tour Operator must refund him/her to the exact amount of the difference between the cost of the expected services and those of the effectively given services, up to the time of the anticipated return.

Iopitour Tour Operator is liable for damages suffered by the traveler in case of total or partial failure in providing services, as stated in the contract, either if the services were to be provided directly by Iopitour Tour Operator or by third parties unless:
A) Iopitour Tour Operator can prove that the traveler himself or herself is responsible for such event (any personal initiative undertaken by the traveler during the tour period is included);
B) extraneous events, not considered in the contract, occur;
C) act of God or fortuitous events (not to be reasonably foreseen by Iopitour Tour Operator or solved by professional diligence) may happen, such as: strikes, suspensions or delays for adverse weather conditions, war events and military disorders, terrorist actions, riots, natural disasters, road accidents, water and electricity shortage, interruption in communication and other circumstances beyond our control. Possible additional expenses met by the travelers for these reasons will not be refunded. This is also valid for services that for the same reasons will not be provided.
In case it would be necessary because of external forces, Iopitour Tour Operator reserves the right to substitute hotels and holiday destinations with equal services. If the client does not accept, Iopitour Tour Operator will give him back the amounts received, minus the registration fee.

Iopitour Tour Operator is obliged to offer the traveler all the measures of assistance imposed by criteria of professional diligence with exclusive reference to personal obligations as stated by the contract and by the above mentioned laws.

A) Documents
Travelers must ensure that they have a valid and proper document to enter Italy together with any other extra documents required (visas, medical certificates, etc.). The customer that, for his negligence, should forget the document and be rejected by the Authority, will be considered as renouncing to the travel, and will be applied the procedures as at point 6.b. (withdrawal with penalties) on the present regulation.
B) Membership
The traveler must behave in a manner conducive to group activity all times. In order to assure congenial membership, Iopitour Tour Operator reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a tour participant, and to expel from the tour any participant behaving in an unacceptable manner.
C) Damages caused by the customer
Clients are bound to comply with normal prudence and care rules and with the specific ones of the destination countries. In the same way they have to follow the indications and the rules given by the organizer and the administrative dispositions stated in the contract. They will answer for all damages the organizer may suffer due to their non-fulfillment of the above mentioned obligations.
D) Other
Clients are obliged to forward to Iopitour all documents and information helpful to the tour operator to exercise its subrogation rights towards third parties and are responsible to the tour operator for the damage caused to the subrogation rights.

The baggage travels at risk and danger of travelers and Iopitour Tour Operator will not answer for stealing, lost or damages (anyway all our travel proposals are covered with medical and baggage insurance). Furthermore the tour operator is no responsible for any damages caused by the customer.

Iopitour Tour Operator is covered by policy number 175577 NNB5 which has been stipulated with Mondial Assistance Italia S.p.A. insurance company for tort liability, in conformity with the legislative decree 111 of March 17th 1995 and with the regional law L.R. Should you need to ask us more information regarding our conditions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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