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Iopitour Itinerarium Service Tour Operator S.A.S, iozzia Giuseppa & sons, with legal headquarters in Modica (RG), Italy, in Via San Giuliano 44/B, VAT registration number and Tax code number: 01006470882, Register of economic and administrative information: RG – 79072 of the CCIAA.

Iopitour is a solid and reliable tour operator based in Italy. They've been going since 1996. Iopitour provides services and assistance to all Travel Agencies and Tour Operators, and associations belonging to the CRAL, DLF, CLUB categories.

Iopitour provides you with a wide range carefully prepared of package holidays and tours in Italy and Europe. Iopitour travel experts has meticulously selected a wide range of hotels, tour guides, restaurants and transport services. Furthermore, they organize language courses and working experiences in Italy and abroad in order to guarantee to all its clients both the social and educational value of cultural experiences. Iopitour professional team is enthusiastic and well-organized and boast 16 years of experience in the tourism industry.

With 3 offices located in Italy (Palermo, pozzallo, Modica), we have direct control of the Italian territory for a smooth and perfect service both for final passengers and tour operators. Long lasting and strong cooperation with hotels, carriers, bus operators and above all the direct control of thousands of accommodation all over all major European destinations as we buy in advance rooms having in this way the best rate and the full availability for all our clients.

Most of our products can be found in this web content. Iopitour Tour Operator website allows travel agencies and Tour Operators to find easy solutions for their clients.

Your journey is our passion!

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